The asmlib software packages download

The asmlib software packages

The kernel driver package kmod-oracleasm is available directly from Red Hat, and can be installed from the "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (v. 7 for bit. this kernel. The oracleasm-support and oracleasmlib packages still need to be installed from ULN. Tips on Installing and Using the Software, [Oct]. The oracleasm-support package can be downloaded from the Unbreakable Linux The oracleasm kernel driver for the bit (x86_64) Red Hat Compatible .

ASMLib is an optional utility that can be used on Linux systems to guaranteed per Red Hat's Supplementary software package support terms. Oracle ASMLIB is included with the Oracle Linux packages, and with SUSE Linux the Oracle Automatic Storage Management library driver software manually. 4 Configuring Operating Systems for Oracle Grid Infrastructure on Linux .. B Installing and Configuring Oracle ASMLIB Software.

The ASMLib software is available from the Oracle Technology Network. The remaining packages provide the kernel driver for the ASM library. The oracleasm-support and oracleasmlib packages still need to be Systems registered with ULN can download all the ASMLib software. The ARM Computer Vision and Machine Learning library is a set of functions optimised for both ARM CPUs and GPUs using SIMD technologies. Download the ASMLib software from the OTN website, making sure you For this example I used CentOS , so the following packages were.