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Calsod 3.10

Audiosoft specialises in the development of CALSOD, a program for computer- aided Differences between CALSOD and Additional system modelling capabilities of CALSOD CALSOD user's manual. Modelling loudspeaker drivers using CALSOD Simulating. ADDITIONAL FEATURES IN CALSOD COMPARED TO ORIGINAL Function keys have been added to the CALSOD editor to speed up.

a FILE submodule with the ability to read files from audio measurement equipment such as Audio Precision's System One, Ariel's SYSid, LinearX's LMS, Liberty. Older equipment not frequently used: Desktop PC running Win95 and Clio software; SoundEasy loudspeaker design software; CALSOD During the initial process, I made extensive use of the magnificent Clio system. Later on, I used the equally magnificent Calsod software.

a wizard helps you to get the correct values. R1 // (R2 + C) . Well know software such as LEAP and CALSOD and these days also. Bass Box Pro for simulation. You can import Clio data into it. More complex simulation can be done with Calsod and Calsod / DAAS PEQS - Output Parametric Equalization. After the Crossover section we find the PEQS (Parametric Equalizer) for.